Levels Your Inspiration for CryEngine


Let’s Build – Forest Road

Hey guys, I just finish the first part on the new map forest road. In the video below, I added some vegetation, created a small military base, and made a basic helicopter pad. Nothing...


Let’s Build – Freight

Hey guys, I know I posted an article about the map Freight and haven’t posted any follow-up articles. To be completely honest, I just needed a break from CryEngine. But now I’m back! And...


Coming Soon – Freight

With the updates of the map relay station winding down, I thought it would be time to release a new map called “Freight”. The main focus of the map is to create a remote,...


Relay Station V 1.1.1

Relay Station V 1.1.0 – Details Well…, I’m just putting the last touches on this the Relay Station Map. Everything should be wrapped up by August 10th, and I will be releasing a new...


Relay Station Video Preview 2

  Hi Guys. I just posted an update article about Relay Station V 1.1.0. The latest update of the map at this time. Here’s a video to show what I fixed and updated. Hope...


Relay Station V 1.1.0

Relay Station V 1.1.0 – Details I just finished the military base on the other side of the map, and adding the little details to make the base a bit more realistic. The details...


Relay Station Video Preview

  This a preview of the map Relay Station, which features various types of terrain. As well as a secret base hidden below ground. Enjoy the preview, leave any comments or feedback below. Enjoy!


Relay Station V 1.0.2

Relay Station V 1.0.2 – Details I just finished this part of the map this afternoon. The main sections are pretty much finished. I’ll be touching up this map, as well as creating new ones...


Relay Station V. 1.0.1

Relay Station V.1.0.1 – Details I just started the second part of the map Relay Station. We’re continuing the dense forest theme in this part of the map, but were going to throw in...


Relay Station V 1.0.0

We’re excited to announce that we have released our first copy of the map, Relay Station. Since we are in alpha stage, we would like you, to check the map, play around with it, and...